Dynamic profiles with complex exif key values

I’m trying to match some key values that have spaces, for example : F0/Standard (Provia)or Pro Neg. Hi

I’ve tried to add quotes such as Exif.Fujifilm.FilmMode="Pro Neg. Hi", I’ve tried using a regex but I don’t know if it can match key values… Nothing worked. Any idea?

Exif.Fujifilm.FilmMode=F0/Standard (Provia)
Exif.Fujifilm.FilmMode=Pro Neg. Hi
without quotes should be correct. The spaces shouldn’t be a problem. With dynamic profiles, make sure to use profile -> reset to default instead of clear when testing with previously opened photos. Or better use completely new photos. If this doesn’t help, would you mind sharing a raw?

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You’re right, it works like you said, as long as I don’t have an older .arp sidecar or if I reset to default. Thanks!

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