Dynamic range compression (anchor 100) and pixel shift motion correction

I’m not sure, if it is a bug or something, but exported photos look a lot darker, if I use anchor 100 value and pixel shift motion correction. Photos are fine, if I set motion correction off. Anchor 99 produces similar darker photos already in the editor and there is a big difference between 99 and 100. Editor photo thumbnail also seems to have matching issues with the processed photo in some cases like this. It looks darker or brighter.

Windows 7 64-bit, Rawtherapee 5.8 (and 5.6), Pentax K-1 Mark I (PEF-files)

What do you mean by ’ Anchor` ?

Hi @Joku, please see this https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/5030
My impression is that this is sort-of intended behavior.


Ah, that can explain the jump, but I’m still wondering, if there is a way to keep the look of the photo at anchor 100 and with pixel shift motion correction when exporting the photo. It seems that the anchor 100 look is only kept with pixel shift motion correction off. Even a regular frame of it produces that darker photo look when exported. Is there some kind of bug with pixel shifted photos?