Early morning walk series.

I haven’t shared any of my early morning walk images as of late, so I decided it was time again to do so.

These go back a few weeks. Often times weeks might pass before I transfer my images to my computer and even then it might take some time before I start editing them. Images from the last 2 weeks, for example, are still on my camera…

All these shots are spontaneous while on the move and depict stuff that my eye catches and this results in a wider variety of images. All of them are shot in a, roughly, 15Km radius from my house.

Not sure if this will be a continuous series. I’ll start off with selected shots from the last couple of weeks and see how this goes.

Week 21

Rijswijk, 2023/05/23

Delft, 2023/05/26


Week 22

Rijswijk, 2023/05/31

Rijswijk, 2023/06/03


Week 23

Den Haag, 2023/06/05

Delft, 2023/06/08


Week 24

Scheveningen, 2023/06/15

Den Haag, 2023/06/16


Week 25

Rijswijk, 2023/06/20

Rijswijk, 2023/06/23


I admire how you dominate the light and also the absence of light.
The geometry, the shapes, the textures.
Everything is there, waiting for an eye like yours to capture it.
Thank you for showing us that we are all surrounded by great images waiting to be captured.
Thanks for sharing.

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This is a lovely series, and I find it very impressive that every single image seems worthy of being in a book/hung on a wall/in an exhibition!

Nice work.

@dqpcoxeas, @123sg and @Terry : Thanks. appreciated.


1st one of week 22 is really really nice. Hope it makes its way onto your wall.

Wonderful work!

I particularly like the mesmerizing composition of verticals in the second shot - the fence, the railway signals, the high-rise building.

On the one hand, the nearest-to-camera pole bugs me because it is so far away from the DoF. And yet precisely this draws my eyes to the signals, which are sharp and high-contrast.

Nice pic!

@Mike_Bing Thanks.

I’ll print that one for sure. An A4 test print at first and if, after looking at it for a while, I still like it I’ll decide on a larger print. Not sure if that will be A3+ sized (max. I can handle myself) or if I spend some money on a more professional print.

This one was difficult to frame, so much going on. I immediately noticed that leaving the first layer out, which was my initial framing, the image becomes too flat and the eye then starts to wander.

The images mentioned by Martin and Mica are my favourites from this series.

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