Easy mask location

Hello, with CTLSCRIPTS I’m using more and more masks in the same module. In the example I have 10 in the ‘colours and tones’ module. I wonder if it would be possible to display the mask by hovering over the mouse. This function may or may not be activated. As it stands, you have to select a mask and then tick ‘show mask’, which is useful when you’re working on it but not when you have to look for one in a list.
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how exactly do you see this working? I’m not sure I understand your proposal, can you elaborate?
Anyway, if it’s just for mnemonics maybe you can get by with using custom names? E.g. like this:
Screenshot from 2024-06-05 10-36-50

Names do help a lot, but I’d forgotten about this option. The idea was that when you mouse over the mask in the mask window, the area covered by the mask is displayed.

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