Edges as a Post-Resize Sharpening Option?

I was wondering if it would be possible, or even practical, to include ‘edges’ along with the unsharp mask and RL deconvolution option within the post-resize sharpening module?

Please forgive any possible naivity on my part; all I know is that ‘edges’ seems to be a great ‘true’ sharpening algorithm, so I thought I’d ask the question — at least, if it can’t, I’ll learn something about why my question is a very silly one. :wink:


For those of us not in the know… What is ‘edges’?

To quote from Rawpedia: "… Edges is a true sharpening algorithm. It does not introduce halos, it can be used on noisy images and it works in the Lab color space. It emphasizes only the edges…

Edges — Rawpedia

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