Edit 'Image' layers Individually

Carmelo_DrRaw - After having a play around with the program, I wonder if this is possible…

Open image from GIMP’s layer, then import a new image layer (i.e. a raw image) so you have two ‘image’ layers, then being able to edit those two layers as separate layers (possible as a group) individually as you would with GIMP’s layers applying adjustments unique to each imported layer. Then to have an eraser tool to remove parts of the top layer to an alpha channel so you can see the lower layer.
Probably asking too much but if you don’t ask… Thanks Andrew

If I understand correctly, you are asking if it is possible to open a GIMP layer with the photoflow plug-in, and then in photoflow add one more image from disk on top of the contents of the GIMP layer. Then you would like to combine the two…

The answer is: YES!!!

If you click this icon in the vertical toolbar: 33

you will be given the possibility of adding a new image from disk in the layer stack. The image will be automatically inserted in a new layer group. You can then open the opacity mask of this group, and draw on the mask to reveal the underlying layer.

I hope this answers your question… otherwise just ask again!

Yes totally spot on, sorry being a little thick this afternoon where is the ‘opacity mask’ option ?

You should see a white rectangle at the right of the group layer name, like this:


Double-click on the rectangle to access the opacity mask for the layer.

If you do not see this white rectangle, it means your version has a bug that I just discovered… in this case, you have to wait for the next package update.

Which system are you using, and from where are you getting the package?

No need to apologize, it is my fault to be late with the documentation…

Thanks, macOS Sierra 10.12.2, downloaded from your website.

Ok getting my head around it, I am experiencing crashing, is there any way I can catch crash errors ? Would be nice to have a paint brush tool on the mask…

Not easy to report crashes on OSX… could you maybe describe the minimal steps required to generate a crash, so that I can try to reproduce them?

Freehand drawing is possible with the tool identified by a small pencil in the vertical toolbar.

OK, I will see if I can reproduce and let you know the steps. Pencil is Ok but prefer airbrush myself for blending layers.

If your goal is to select an area with smooth edges, then you might also give the “path mask” tool a try:

The interface has changed a bit (no need to double-click on the layer to open the controls, and no need to click on an “editing mode” button, just click on the preview to add control points), but the video should give you a good idea of the usage.

This tool is very flexible and gives a lot of non-destructive control…

Thanks, I can get use to that, this app. is amazing. Thank you.