Editing moments with darktable


Sometimes I use Color Balance with Blend mode set to screen to create artificial light

Here you are an exaggerated example…
DSC_0321.NEF (12.6 MB) DSC_0321.NEF.xmp (31.0 KB)


Nice! That gave me an idea! Thanks for the tip!

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New episode: Ruin in the snow :snowflake:


This is actually awesome idea! I’m trying to watch your series as a way to see how I can push some modules.
TBH @aurelienpierre’s 1h+ long videos and long articles full of science also help understand how module operate and thus be more “aware” of what influences what and what can be pushed where :slight_smile:

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Thanks again - very good videos! One bit of feedback for you to consider. In your older videos, I noticed you used the dark theme and a larger font while the new videos use the middle grey theme and smaller font. I find its much harder to see clearly smaller numbers on sliders and read small items like choosing a blend mode with the middle grey theme and smaller font.


Thanks for your feedback @Bbawt !

These changes have less to do with aesthetics and more with the processing of the images. When I used darker theme, I found that my processing was also darker and oversaturated. That’s why I decided to use a light grey theme. This gives me the best results.

As far as the font size is concerned, this is standard size for my screen resolution and I find it very pleasant because I have a better and tidier overview of the modules. For example, if I want to use color balance module with parametric and drawn masks, I don’t have to scroll up and down to see all values and settings. The same applies to the tab with the list of active modules, which I sometimes want to rearrange. This makes the work much easier.

I understand that this can be very tiring for the viewer, especially when the video resolution is low. I can try to take the darker theme when making videos.

By the way, I don’t prepare my processing for video, but process it “live” so to speak, and I need good conditions to do it properly.

I have also thought about making videos with commentary, so that it is easier for the viewer to understand why and how I do what.

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That’s the purpose :wink:

Please don’t - in “cinema” mode it’s perfectly readable (IMO) and in full size it’s actually same as on mine screen :wink: But you could consider enabling subtitles - that could help since you don’t do commentary.

That’s awesome! I thought you do as most people I know doing tutorials - doing it at least twice, once beforehand and once “live”

Yes please :pleading_face: :pray:

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Thanks @s7habo and @johnny-bit. I went back and retried viewing in theater mode and it was much better than standard mode or even full screen mode. So no need then to consider switching to the dark theme for recording the video.

I agree the new neutral grey theme is much better for getting correct saturation and the font size is more efficient.

I too would like to hear your comments as you edit. Especially why you might pick a certain module and editing technique over others to get the effect you want and any advantages/disadvantages it has over using a different method. I’ve been using darktable for about 5 months and still amazed at how many ways there are to do similar things - although the new linear RGB flow has been very helpful in simplifying.


New episode:

This time with the voice commentary in German. I need your help for the translation into English!


IMHO there are quite a lot of videos in English, not so many in deutsch (and most focus more on modules and sliders than the image).

If it’s really a problem you could consider a no-speech version, like you did before. You used here some not used before (by you in other videos I’ve seen) modules, like Bloom. It’s certainly a good video.

Alternative: Add black titles as you did in the other videos. Even with no voice, one sees what you do (but the longer explanations will get lost)

Final word, very good video! Danke!


I love it - although my Deutsh education stopped in highschool with 2/6 score and teacher telling me that either I hate Deutch lang or her or both (she was right :wink:)

I find that subtitles in youtube are IMO the best option - I even watch one channel regarding 3d printing that sometimes uses Cantonese (or Mandarin?) but it’s subbed in english so anybody can watch it and also help translating to other langs.

I’m working on English subtitles right now, but it will take a while. I’ve been babbling a lot. :slight_smile:

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You can copy & paste the German transcript (of what youtube thinks you said). It’s maybe a better starting point than starting from zero, writing everything down etc.

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@patdavid and I are helping the siril folks with subtitles, we can record some for you as well :slight_smile:

I have corrected the automatic subtitling and am now translating to English. Thank you for notice!

Thanks @paperdigits !

I am currently translating it myself and if I have difficulties I will contact you. So far it works well. I just need a little more time. :wink:

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I’m dumb… By subtitles I meant recording voice overs.


If you plan to add subtitles after video recording I can recommend Gnome Subtitles:

Used it for the videos I did for my vimeo channel:


Ok, I’ve done English subtitles now. :slight_smile:


New episode: the boat :rowing_man:

This time with English subtitles :slight_smile:


I have to say that I really like the added voice-over, it just gives it that extra bit of info and personal touch that I “missed” in the silent versions. The again, although I’m Dutch, I do understand German which might not be the case for everyone. Guess that’s what the subtitles are for…

Anyway: Thanks for uploading another nice tutorial episode!

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