Editing moments with darktable

(Boris Hajdukovic) #1

Since I use darktable almost every day, I decided to make a series with small episodes.
Although this is not a tutorial, the idea behind it is to show people what you can do with darktable and encourage them to use it.

If anyone is interested, you are very welcome to take a look. First episode:


(Mica) #2

As per usual, your edit is top notch!

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(R) #3

Great share man, I’m going to check out your channel and your videos! Thank you for your upload!

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(luxagraf) #4

This is awesome, thanks for sharing. It’s always helpful to see how other people use various tools.

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(Boris Hajdukovic) #5

Thank you guys for kind words. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a bit more time today and made another little episode:

To be continued at the end of next week…


(luxagraf) #6

Love that midtone warming with the color balance.


(Isaac Ullah) #7

Nice! Subscribed and will follow. Thank you!


(Boris Hajdukovic) #8

This is basically white balance based on medium gray tones. :wink:

Thank you! :+1:

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(Gustavo) #9


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darktable 2.6
(Boris Hajdukovic) #10

New episode. This time with quite dramatic contrasts :slightly_smiling_face: :



Your videos and workflow are awesome! As I mentioned on YouTube, you are in a totally different league of darktable edits.


(Boris Hajdukovic) #12

Yeah, I saw it. Thank you @Andrius !

But what is different with my approach? Basically I only follow the tutorials shown or mentioned here.

The only difference that I sometimes see, when I compare my approach to that of other people is, that I don’t go too “technical” when I edit. For me it is not so important if the photo uses its full dynamic range, if it is sharp enough or a little noisy. I rather try guide myself through the motive. What can I do to emphasize it.

This is sometimes much harder than knowing what to do to get a perfect histogram with well balanced shadows, mid-tones and highlights.

Interestingly, for example, I recently discovered that after using filmic module very intensively with enthusiasm, it distracted me too much from the preoccupation with the actual central message of the image. Now I only try to use it when it serves this purpose.

The greatest difficulty with editing is, I think, to leave the obsession with the possibilities and limitations of the tool and concentrate on the design and impression of the picture.


(Boris Hajdukovic) #13

As an example, the image from the last edit.

I was standing on this big empty marketplace and felt like the curtain of the big stage of the day is slowly closed, the houses glow in warm bright light for a short moment before the night sky with its scars wraps everything in its deep blue.

The whole scene was so majestic in that moment.

Of course it didn’t look as extreme as my editing, but I had to express this feeling. For me it wasn’t so important if you can see all the details in the shadow or if the sky was really so dark. For me it was important, when I see the picture, that I remember the moment again, that I “preserve” this feeling for myself.



I like a lot these editing moments. Thank you ! :slight_smile:
This format of short videos going through a full edit like this is really nice I think :slight_smile:

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Really nice! What I like about it most, the focus is on the image, not on darktable. You can probably use Rawtherapee or many other packages.

It’s a good reminder not to delete boring images :wink:

One totally unrelated question: What font you use in your videos? Looks really nice.

(The Gimp videos are great too - keep it rolling!)

BTW, great site for legal free music: http://dig.ccmixter.org/film


(Boris Hajdukovic) #16

Exactly! We have so many excellent tools available here.

Bebas Neue

Yes, it’s very good. The music in videos are almost all from ccmixter. :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Boris Hajdukovic) #17

New episode: Gentle Green :slightly_smiling_face::


(Boris Hajdukovic) #18

New episode: Sculpting with light :bulb::



To me #3 looks a bit overdone. I think the sky is a bit too much. #5 looks strange to me, like an image with artificial light.

For me #1 and #4 are from ordinary to wow. #2 doesn’t really touch me. I don’t really do Gimp on photos, but #2 & #3 are nice.

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(Lisa Mery) #20

Thank you for your Tutorial. It seems much more feature complete. Need the ultimate step by step tutorial for a perfect journey. However, I think Darktable would be a great solution at any price point.