Editor's top panel doesn't render thumbnails of previously opened files

This is with ART downloaded from https://bitbucket.org/agriggio/art/downloads/ART_1.10.1_Win64.exe

To reproduce:

  • open an ARW file (Sony ILCE-6400 raw output)
  • close ART
  • open the same file again

I suspect this has to do with my changes to the ART configuration regarding processing profiles. My settings are:

  • Saving location: Save PP next to the input file
  • Loading priority: Profile next to the input file
  • For output images: Save in a sidecar file
  • Sidecar style: Append .arp to filename

Switching to Processing Queue and back renders the currently-edited file’s thumbnail.

Switching to File Browser and back renders all thumbnails.

the logic for refreshing thumbnails is being reworked right now – hopefully we will not have such glitches anymore when the work is done.


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