Eight years of community and support!

Three (or so) days ago the forum passed eight years in existence!

First of all a huge thanks to everyone who actively participates here, brings a good attitude, and a sunny disposition! You’re all the reason we are here and we are deeply appreciative that you continue to choose to spend your free time with us here. I know there are lots of other life things to do and there is not always time of online things. That we continue to foster an environment of learning, support, NAD improvement is of the utmost importance. So thank you community members!

Secondly (but also firstly) a huge thanks to @darix who works pretty much every day to keep our infrastructure in excellent shape! We certainly wouldn’t be able to do all this without him! And also to @andabata who runs and develops raw.pixls.us and weblate.pixls.us and probably more things that I can’t remember now.

Thanks to @patdavid for having the gall to start such a thing in the first place and his continued support over the years.

Thank you to our mods and forum admins for keeping it spam free and keeping us on track!

I am sure there are others and I’m sorry I’ve missed you but we at grateful and happy to have your participation and support!

Happy eight years, pixls.us!


Thank you. This is one of my top favorite web sites, and for the reasons you mentioned.


Wow, Happy Birthday Pixls!

Just want to add, thanks @paperdigits for your tireless contributions here!
It’s a good place to be :smiley:


Can’t believe it’s 8 years already (my profile says I’ve visited 2,400 days so I guess I was here pretty much from the start). Thanks to everyone for helping make this website the nicest photo forum out there!


A BIG thanks to all, to all who run the site and also to the posters (the community) who help and inspire.
Just looked at my profile to see I joined on May 13th 2015.
Where did that time go?


Thanks all for being awesome!


We’re almost too old to be trafficked by Jeffery Epstein!


I misread the title as “Eighty years of …”, and was curious to know what was 80 years old. Oops!

As others say, many thanks to everyone.


Happy birthday to you!
The best forum, it’s true!
Grab your camera and your keyboard!
Happy birthday to you!


Here’s to looking forward to many more fantastic years to come! :heart:


I join in the congratulations for these 8 years of work, and I wish a bright future to my favorite website.
Thank you for all that you have done (it has especially helped the G’MIC project a lot!).


This forum is a valuable resource and a rare instance of a truly supportive community. Thanks to all that started it and all that keep the lights on today. :+1: