Embroidery Designs Superimposed on products

Hello, I hope someone can help. I’ve been selling baby comforters and blankets for many years and we wanted to expand to selling them personalised.

The problem we are having is, our pictures that we put on our website aren’t as visually appealing as others in the market. We take an image of the comforter and use Gimp to add the text onto it, but it doesn’t look realistic.

I have seen other companies that seem to be able to superimpose sample embroidery stitch effect onto any surface time after time. I have no idea how they do this, or if it can be achieved in Gimp.

Would anyone have any ideas?

I have attached an example of a baby comforter that has the embroidery font onto the item, but I can see it has not actually been embroidered

Kind regards

It’s because you don’t use a map displacement “Filters > Map > Displace…”, to make your writing following the curves and bumps of the clothes as “merging” the edges.
An example > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vz8ES48DpQ 6mn is a bit too long for that, but it’s late in my time zone, going to sleep

Thanks Patrice, its still early here so I’ll check it out. Night