Enable/Disable Little-Black-Box

I am very happy to have found a tool that does exactly what I want, but I would like to be able to disable it so that I can use the Raspberry Pi as a computer until I am ready to leave for a trip (without having to type “sudo shutdown -c” every time that I start it up) enable it before I leave for my trip so that it works as advertised, and then disable it again once I return home. Is there a command for this? Is there a config file that can be edited to have this effect (a lined that runs the utility at startup that can be commented out)? Keep it simple as I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Linux admin.

Good to hear that you find Little Backup Box useful! Disabling Little Backup Box is easy. On the Raspberry Pi, run the crontab -e command. You should see at one active cron job (that is, it doesn’t start with #). Comment it by adding # at the beginning of the cron job. Save the changes and reboot the Raspberry Pi. To enable Little Backup Box, run the sudo crontab -e command and uncomment the desired cron job.




I changed how I work with the little backup box, perhaps it could be an additional option.

I chose to use camera-backup.sh option on boot, but commented out the shutdown on line 27. So now if I power-on the RaspberryPi it waits for the camera to be attached.

  • If the camera is attached it performs the backup of the photos on the camera and then does a shutdown

  • if the camera is not attached it stays in the loop checking for a camera and I can use a DLNA client to view my photos for a long as I need to.

The problem is then the shutdown, I just unplug it. Perhaps an idea could be to check if there are no tcp connections for a few minutes, then it could shutdown.


The shutdown timeout was designed to do exactly that. I don’t think using TCP would work, because LIttle Backup Box should be able to operate without a network connection.