enabling/disabling nodes via command line not working


I have a project with several Write nodes and need to toggle their disabled parameter via command line.

My Write nodes have this simple expresiosn in their disabled parameter:

preview_request == 1


preview_request != 1

My render command looks like this (simplified):

NatronRender -c "preview_request=1"

However, the Write nodes that should be enabled based on this workflow fail to produce images, despite the commandline reporting a successful render process.

I also noticed that the UI is not updating propely, e.g. the script evaluates to the right value, the Disable checkbox is checked but the node in the node graph remains active:

How can I reliably control the Write node’s disable state via command line?

I am trying to avoid using the -w flag as the natron project could have an arbitrary amount of Write nodes (those project files are render templates and change from job to job).