Enfuse to GIMP layer masks

Hi everyone!
I have recently migrated from a mac to Linux and I’m a little bit lost with focus merging for macro. I used to do it with Affinity Photo and now I’ve started playing with enfuse and hugin. There is an Affinity feature that I miss: the ability to retouch the final merged image and get rid of some halos and ghosting, cloning from some of the original pics. I wonder if there is a way to import enfuse calculated depth masks as gimp mask layers to do this work…
Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English…

I think we need more information. Perhaps you could show us an example with some screenshots.

I’m not sure if this answers your questions, from the FAQ:

I want to edit my image after blending. Can Enblend create a layered output instead of a flat image, so I can adjust the seams?

No. A drawback of multiband blending is that there is no good path for manually editing the result. Enblend does not just find a single optimized blend mask like the kind you are used to working with in Photoshop, where each output pixel is a function of the input pixels directly underneath it. Enblend looks at an entire region around a pixel in all of the contributing input images and does an average. For typical digital camera panos, these regions can be hundreds of pixels in diameter. Furthermore, the size of these regions varies dynamically based on how “edgy” the pixels are. Edges are blended across a much smaller distance that open areas like the sky.

The FAQ answered my question. Unfortunately its not possible… Thank you!