Enhance Details linear DNG / demosaicing

When I try to open an “Enhance Details” linear DNG created by Lightroom Classic, RT 5.6 gives me strange results, as if it was trying to do a pixel-shift routine. Other raw converters, except Lr Classic, treat the DNG the same way as the original raw file so that the output from both files yields identical results.

My question – would it be possible to tap into to the enhanced data encoded in the DNG to get superior demosaicing (esp. WRT moire), something like pixel-shifting?

Here’s a link (20 downloads/7days limit) to a pair of an original NEF and a derivative DNG so that people who know something about demosaicing in RT, e.g. @heckflosse could try it.

Interesting. RT detects two frames in the dng. At least it does not crash :smile:.
I will have a look, though with low priority.

Thanks, Ingo. Yes, I’ve noticed the info about two frames, which led me to believe RT treats the file like Pentax pixel-shifted files.

I’ve tried the ED DNGs with various raw converters (an older version of Lr, darktable, C1, DxO PhotoLab2, FastRawViewer, Affinity Photo) and all of them treat those DNGs like regular raw files. The only application which crashes because of those DNGs is FastPictureViewer.

The frames are totally different.

Frame 1:

Frame 2:

Yes, the second frame doesn’t have the green channel. The file size is over three times larger so I thought there’d be more subframes there for each channel?

Looks like there are 6 raw frames inside the dng

Edit: or four? still looking