Equirectangular/latlong preview image vs Mirror ball output

Hello everyone,

I opened some dng images taken with a Ricoh Theta Z1 (360° pictures) in RawTherapee. The preview displays an equirectangular/latlong format, but when I double click on the image to edit it, it transforms in a mirror ball format (which is the real format that I get in other softwares). The thing is I would like to export the images in this equirectangular format, otherwise I’ll have to process it in another software, when RawTherapee seems to be able to do it quite well…

This is what I am talking about : https://postimg.cc/hQs8bTC5

I’m completely new to RawTherapee, didn’t find anything on the transformation tab nor the forum to make this work… Any ideas?


You can check adobe dng converter for an LCP for this camera, but you may have to try and correct it in hugin.

Thanks for your response,

As far as I know, there is no lens profile available for any Theta, but I’ve read that there has been an Adobe profile at some point and it disappeared, not sure if possible…

I understood what caused my confusion though : the preview is a distortion-corrected jpeg embedded in the dng file when it is created. It’s not corrected by RawTherapee.

Thanks anyway !

Right I suspect since the camera is fixed lens, the corrections are built into their firmware and/or converter software.