Equivalent starting point for Nikon Picture Control presets?


(Ryan Mundt) #1

I’m starting to get into post editing, and I just discovered RawTherapee. Coming from Capture NX-D, what settings would I have to apply in RawTherapy to achieve the same ballpark look as Vivid and Landscape picture control modes in Capture NX-D?
I know the point of RawTherapy is more granular manual control, but I’d like to have a familiar starting point as where I was in CApture NX-D. As of right now, I’m a little lost!


@rytymu Welcome to the forum! Start here:


or even this :wink:

(David Wilson) #4

You could obtain and use the Nikon color profiles -


I have tried them but have not found them useful. It is better to learn how to use the colour controls.


I don’t have a Nikon but I discovered via exiftool that some Nikon raw files may contain tone curve data. Unsure if it is of any use because I haven’t looked into it.

(David Wilson) #6

I found this article on “Digging into Nikon RAW Size S NEFs” (compressed NEFs)

It finds “The conclusion is that neither Picture Control nor the choice of a color space does affect sNEF data.”

It has some interesting discussion about issues with white balance and colour space for raw editor developers using these S NEF files.