Error code when trying to open Darktable.


I just installed Darktable. When I try to open it, an error message pops up stating

"An unhandled exception occurred.

Backtrace will be written to:

C:/Users/Fujitsu/AppData/Local/Temp/darktable_bt_64XKN1.txt after you click on the OK button.

If you report this issue, please share this backtrace with the developers"

When reading the txt file it states:

darktable.exe caused an Integer division by zero at location 00007FF9BA1FDC39 in module igdrcl64.dll.

I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this, but I have used Darktable on other computers before where it worked fine…

Grateful for answers!

How do I solve this issue? Grateful for answers.

Hej @alltgott och välkommen!

You are on Windows.
From where did you obtain your
copy of darktable? Version?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hi @alltgott the DLL belongs to the Intel graphic driver. Perhaps you may check, if you have the latest driver installed?
Cheers, Lars.

Thank you for the answer, 3.8.1 from the official dark table web site.

Yes, the drivers are updated

Try starting darktable with OpenCL disabled.

darktable --disable-opencl