Error compiling ART

Thanks @Dariusz_Duma for the notice. Supporting 0.25 should be doable, I will try to push a patch asap.

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@Dariusz_Duma, should be fixed now FYI

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I had a failure trying to install the windows binaries last night… just got “this will not run on your PC” message after unpacking the zip file. I had avoided the skylake options…
Bit busy at the moment, will not be able to look carefully until the weekend, but maybe there is a general issue… ?


can you be a bit more specific? Which version of windows? Which zip file did you use?

Sorry, not in a good situation for debugging just now. But more or less current version of W10pro, with this file
(assuming it hasn’t changed since last night).
There were a bunch of failures while unpacking the zip… I didn’t pay close attention, crossed my fingers and tried to run it anyway. It didn’t work. I went on with other things.

Hell, maybe I’ll try it now on my work pc… what’s the worst that can happen… :slight_smile:

Ok, a bunch of these:

ART_master_1.0-23-gb50257503_W64_generic_200204.7z Unknown method in master_release64generic

Mostly these appear to be camera profiles.

Result is that ART.exe is empty (0kb).

So something failed, probably me…

Good stuff. This patch is a real game changer :slight_smile:

ART compiles now fine (Ubuntu 18.04 and above). Shortly it should be available in my ppa ( for Ubuntu/Mint users.

best regards,

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@Dariusz_Duma @gaaned92 @Carmelo_DrRaw FYI I am thinking of releasing a new minor version soon, mostly to make sure that all the channels are distributing the same version (I have also added a couple of features, but this is a minor point). I was thinking of doing this over the weekend, unless there are some blockers popping up before then…

Tried a mac package but some tools/osx stuff will need to be modified, should be doable before your dot release.


I downloaded the build, extracted ART and run. seems ok.

The archive is a 7z archive format and not a zip due to a x2 compression factor.
What is the SW you use to extract? I recommend 7zip that is a FLOSS SW see

Ah, my bad. Need to change my default file associations :slight_smile:

(Yes! It lives :slight_smile: )


that would be great! Let me know if you need a bit more time, I can definitely wait.

Ok. One thing is the bundle identifier will have to be changed from com.rawtherapee to something like
I wonder if is already taken or if you have another suggestion?

I have no idea, but it looks like a very generic name… are there rules to set this bundle identifier? Or can we pick whatever? would art.rawprocessor work?

Well the Apple sorting expectations is the use of R/DNS aka reverse domain name notation. Since the RawTherapee website is, it’s bundle identifier is com.rawtherapee does have an apple app; there is a chance is used by something. wouldn’t make sense anyway, as that domain is taken already. If the pixls folks don’t mind, we could use perhaps?

Seems reasonable to me…

Key Property
CFBundleIdentifier (Bundle identifier) The string that identifies your application to the system. This string must be a uniform type identifier (UTI) that contains only alphanumeric ( A - Z , a - z , 0 - 9 ), hyphen ( - ), and period ( . ) characters. The string should also be in reverse-DNS format. For example, if your company’s domain is and you create an application named Hello, you could assign the string com.Ajax.Hello as your application’s bundle identifier.

The bundle identifier is used in validating the application signature.

ping @patdavid @paperdigits any objections?

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No objection from me.


Furthermore, how about redirecting to or better yet