Error create WriteNode

I have error cannot insert write error. The error like image below. How can i fix this error?Screenshot_2019-08-12_11-31-29

Install the OpenFX plugins.

How i can install openfx plugins? I just download natron from website and extract the natron. I opened the natron and get this preferences on natron. How I can setup the preferences to load the openfx plugin? 2019-08-12-174049_1366x768_scrot|690x387

There is an issue with your Natron install. Which version exactly? which system? portable version or installer? If you installed with the installer version, try the portable, and vice-versa.

I have been installed portable version and It same issue with WriteNode.

Natron: 2.3.14
OS: Manjaro I3 WM 18.0.4

I will try with different system.