Error trying to build today.....I'll file a bug report pending a bit of input

I have been building DT for Windows routinely for some time and successfully as recently as two days ago…

Today I get most of the way but it fails making the installer package.

Anyone got any ideas or know of a recent change that might introduce this…

Last successful build was on the 11th darktable-3.7.0+1455~g1b514b343-win64

Error from today…

[ 98%] Built target darktable-chart
[100%] Built target darktable-cltest
[100%] Built target darktable-generate-cache
[100%] Built target darktable-cli
Run CPack packaging tool…
CPack: Create package using NSIS
CPack Error: Problem removing toplevel directory: C:/msys64/home/xxxxx/darktable/build/_CPack_Packages/win64/NSIS
CPack Error: Error when generating package: darktable
make: *** [Makefile:146: package] Error 1

Just build on Linux (Debian) without any issues:

 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 08:27:35 -- 
  pull    - incorporating remote changes OK  
          - updating rawspeed OK
  build   - configuring darktable using cmake OK  
          - building darktable using make OK  
  install - installing darktable using make OK  
 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 08:28:44 -- 
  total build time   00:00:57
  total runtime      00:01:09
  previous version   3.7.0-1471-g08f91add6
  installed version  3.7.0-1473-g6f96fcb96
 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 08:28:44 -- 

[stasis] jade ~ $

Thanks to me looks like creating the Windows installer is failing…up to that point all looks good…

I just built 1488 into a windows package a few minutes ago

Thanks…I will have to did deeper…I haven’t changed anything…did have a windows update recently but that should not affect things??

If the error is really about failing to remove a directory , it might be something with access rights .

Or, you have one or those folders open in explorer or notepad or another tool, and trying to remove it gives ‘access denied’ .

I’ll try later this day…

Built on Win7 and Win10 without problems. If you downloaded the latest with the libraw cr3 PR, you need to do a submodule init and update

Thanks for your comments…My usual sequence is a pull followed by the init and update and then I run the script…It completes and prompts me with the install command line. I copy and paste that to the command line with the target as package…

What seems to be failing is this last part of creating the exe file…

I’ll try again and if not I will delete my build directory and try starting from scratch…

To be honest, I have some changes to src/CMakeLists.txt to accept installed versions of libraries as dependencies…

… but it compiles and builds just fine here. But I normally stop on the cmake --build . --target install line, since I don’t build the installer.

I did a fresh build, and then did the cmake --build . --target package line but it seems to work fine as well.

Thanks …I am at work so I will try on that PC…I appreciate your feedback…and that of others…

EDIT I got even less far along at work…

[ 64%] Linking C shared module libfilter.dll
Detaching debug infos for colorpicker.
Consolidate compiler generated dependencies of target diffuse
C:\msys64\mingw64\bin\objcopy.exe: warning: could not create temporary file whilst copying ‘C:/msys64/home/xxxxxxx/darktable/build/lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/libcolorpicker.dll’, (error: Permission denied)
make[2]: *** [lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/CMakeFiles/colorpicker.dir/build.make:229: lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/libcolorpicker.dll] Error 1
make[2]: *** Deleting file ‘lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/libcolorpicker.dll’
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:3736: lib/darktable/plugins/lighttable/CMakeFiles/colorpicker.dir/all] Error 2
make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs…
[ 64%] Built target ratings
[ 64%] Building C object lib/darktable/plugins/CMakeFiles/diffuse.dir/introspection_diffuse.c.obj
Detaching debug infos for filter.
[ 64%] Linking C shared module libselect.dll
[ 64%] Built target filter
[ 64%] Linking C shared module liblighttable_mode.dll
Detaching debug infos for select.
[ 64%] Built target select
Detaching debug infos for lighttable_mode.
[ 64%] Built target lighttable_mode
[ 64%] Linking C shared module libcacorrectrgb.dll
Detaching debug infos for cacorrectrgb.
[ 64%] Linking C shared module libblurs.dll
[ 64%] Built target cacorrectrgb
Detaching debug infos for blurs.
[ 64%] Linking C shared module libdiffuse.dll
[ 64%] Built target blurs
Detaching debug infos for diffuse.
[ 64%] Built target diffuse
make: *** [Makefile:156: all] Error 2


Wiping my build directory and starting from scratch appears to have done the trick…at least here at work…will try the same at home…