Error with patdavid-color-decompose.scm

(Bill Martz) #1

I’ve placed patdavid-color-decompose.scm in my scripts folder and tried running it. I get ten layers, LAB-L is the last, and then I get the error message:

Execution error for ‘Color Decompose’:
Error: Procedure execution of plug-in-decompose failed

I suspect I am missing two layers.

This is on a Windows 10 64 bit running GIMP 2.10.6.

Any advice?

(Pat David) #2

Good question. I hadn’t updated that script in a while, and there’s possibly a change in names somewhere. I can try to have a look later or tomorrow when I’m at a handy GIMP install.

[edit] - what is the exact text of the error message? The script may be working fine, just exiting poorly.

(Bill Martz) #3

That’s the exact text. Plus the typical additional message that GIMP may be in an unstable state and images should be saved.

(Bill Martz) #4

I don’t know what all it is supposed to produce, but I suspect what is missing is the two LUMA layers.

(Stampede) #5

I don’t often do my pix in B&W, but I got the same error and mentioned it in a post a few months ago, so I’m following this thread.

I did not consider the error a big deal at the time, because the script already DID produce so many different types of color decomposition, I figured that getting another 2 or three versions would not help all that much.

(Pat David) #6

Odd, I just tried this downloading a fresh copy of the script and it appears to work w/o tripping an error (GIMP 2.10.6). Which version of GIMP are you on?

The B&W layers should be:



  • Luma - y709f
  • Luma - y470f
  • LAB - L
  • CMYK - K
  • HSL - Lightness
  • HSV - Value
  • RGB - Blue
  • RGB - Green
  • RGB - Red

Also, for reference, here’s the script I’m using:


… and it seems to work just fine in The Gimp 2.10.6
and Manjaro xfce 18.0. @patdavid

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Stampede) #9

@patdavid I got it to work properly when I updated the script to the one you linked on github.

Your article on B&W conversion points to the Gimp registry (dead?) and an old version on Google Drive.

Maybe you can update the link in the B&W conversion article?

I can’t say enough…thanks for all your efforts to help people create better images!

(Pat David) #10

Yikes, good catch, thank you for that @Stampede! I’ll update the post asap.

(Also, yay, it works!)

(Bill Martz) #11

My problem was the old link also. I was using the script downloaded from Google. Yes, it does work! Thank you, Pat, not only for that script, but also all your excellent articles.