Errors when Saving Work

I installed the GMIC for Windows plugin in my Elements 7 plugins folder.

As my machine is 64-bit Windows 7, I installed the 64-bit version.

GMIC displays in my Filters menu and the GMIC window opens quickly when I click on it.

I can play around within GMIC and experiment with the many various filters and features.

However, I have not yet been able to successfully save any of my work; instead, I get various warnings, very technical and very detailed warnings; and, nothing ever gets saved.

At first, I might think that, since my Elements 7 is a 32-bit program, that maybe I should instead use the 32-bit version; however, common sense tells me that if that were the case, then I shouldn’t be able to call up GMIC from the Filters menu; anyone have thoughts on this ?

Have any of you guys tried GMIC in Elements of any vintage; and, has anyone tried it in a 32-bit version of Elements on a 64-bit machine?

I have had GMIC in GIMP for quite some time and it has always worked.

This sounds like it may be an issue with the G’MIC-Qt 8bf plugin.
Do you have a screenshot of those warnings?

I have not tried to run the 8bf plugin in any version of Elements, but the 32-bit version works fine in XnView.

Is your machine 32- or 64-bit ?


THANK YOU !!! I nixed the 64-bit plugin and replaced it with the 32-bit; and, so far…, that seems to have cured the problem.

I learned something = even though the machine is 64-bit, if the program is x86 (32-bit), then use a 32-bit plugin.

I am surprised it would even open the 64-bit plugin and allow me to check out all the features.

I have more GMIC questions, but will start a more appropriately titled thread for those.