Everything flows (Panta Rei)

They are both interesting, each in its own way.

B&W, square, done in ART.

_1010814.RW2.arp (11.1 KB)

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Nice! Very classy.

After seeing the B&W version from paulmatthijsse, I was inspired to make my own B&W of this photo.


Hi, thanks for that. Nice take.
Gave it an 8x5 crop to lose the bland walls (my opinion and opinions count for nothing…) and get closer to the bridge. Took a chunk of brightness out of the sky and opened up the shadows (still a bright scene) and gave it a bit of warmth for the time of day

padua_1010814.RW2.xmp (19.5 KB)

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RawTherapee 5.9 dev + PR#6641 (sidecar)

This one uses the new Global Tone Equalizer (PR#6641), which is not yet merged into the dev branch… Thanks @Lawrence37, turns out to be very useful!


darktable 4.2.1 | Another view

_1010814.RW2.xmp (8,3 Ko)

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@Jade_NL & @david When I see an interpretation that reminds me of something already seen, but it still looks like something new I usually juxtapose the 2 images in the browser to compare similarities and differences. My browser is Vivaldi and it lets me split the view to have 2 pages side to side.

@Jade_NL your edit is very similar to the second one supplied by @david. Similar tones and chromaticity, but the crop makes a difference.
I appreciate this crop, it’s a new eye on the same scene.

Playing with color balance RGB to give some color contrast…


As a sign of appreciation to whose who contributed to this Play Raw until now (the game is still running), let me summarize what I’ve seen and learnt.

The input was titled Panta Rei, everything flows, like the water in the canal depicted in the photo, like the time of the day that is reaching its last ray of sun, like the time in a life (me, in my older days, taking the same shot as the young guys that were around me).

In order of appearance:

You entered the scene soon after my post. It’s a nice edit, warm colors, quiet atmosphere. I’d like to dream of that in my sleep. I like your work in general (@all visit his gallery https://www.fleetingeternity.com)

You reminded me that I shouldn’t abuse of the hospitality I was offered uploading heavy files. You are right. Please, everyone stick to a max 1080 px preview and downgrade the JPEGs to 85% quality.

You did a good job IMO. Nothing to say, just good.

I love your contributions in the Play Raw category. You are never predictable and always add a personal point of view (sometimes more effective, sometimes less, but always interesting). I also love your profile picture (is it the projected shadow of your head wearing a headset?). I know you love Japan like my oldest son. @all please visit @clind gallery
Bloom effect in your development. Hate it or love it, in you interpretation I loved it.

Nice edit, well measured, balanced as always are your edits. I like that you add informative explanations of the choices you made. You are a great teacher. Thumbs up.

I love your style, mate. You are always encouraging and optimistic. Sometimes you go a little bit over the lines with your contrasted and saturated edits (or your LUTs), but you edits and your comments are always useful. You are always here to help us, you are a certainty. Please, @all visit his rich gallery https://monarophotography.au

You always shock me with your edits because they are outstanding. Most times in a creative way. You are a photographer but even more you are a graphic designer, IMHO. Your frames have always something to show.

The best Black &White I could dream of with my photo! And the square crop added a 3rd dimension. @all visit https://paulsphotopalace.wordpress.com for some good guide about RawTherapee.

I love your old postcard colors.

And finally @all the others that I haven’t mentioned here, maybe I wasn’t able to connect with your artistic interpretations, but this doesn’t mean that I haven’t appreciated them.

Thanks @all.


Very very nice!

A side note: Probably it’s my fault, but I don’t understand why whenever in Darktable you try to get some color recovered from the sky you always end up with a cyan sky. At least in Europe the sky has rarely a cyan nuance.

_1010814.RW2.xmp (9.4 KB)


@lightlover I love your works, mister.

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I suppose you edited the RAW image with Darktable. Would you like to share also your sidecar XMP file?
As I said, I like your edit and I’d love to have a closer look at the whole process you followed.

My fun in GIMP

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When I was young I painted and I always painted the sky as yellow because for my brain that is the color of the sky.

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Sorry, I just forgot.
Here it is :
_1010814.RW2.xmp (17.4 KB)

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_1010814.RW2.xmp (11.9 KB)


Fun fact, the algorithm is based on the tone equalizer in darktable. @agriggio adapted it for ART then @jdc ported the ART version to RawTherapee as a Local Adjustments tool, available in the current stable release. Soon it will be available as a global tool as @Jade_NL hinted. It’s a wonderful example of ideas spreading and evolving through the open source community.



just to clarify: the main idea is stolen from darktable, but the regularisation (and pivot) part is independent. I think the analogous in dt is called “mask”, but I don’t know how that is implemented.