Excellent tutorial videos resource for darktable newbies from Bruce Williams Photography

I wanted to share this excellent Youtube playlist from Bruce Williams Photography. The videos are very well made with clear instructions and narration. As of May 30, 2019, there are about 39 episodes.

As a newbie myself who like many others is moving from Lightroom, I hope this is useful to others.

Bruce Williams, if you are a member on this discussion board, thank you so much!


If Bruce see this, I’d urge him to add hashtags to his videos: #darktable and #ArtWithOpenSource makes it so much easier to discover content.

Agree. I wasn’t sure where to move to from lightroom until I saw his video series. Other good sets on youtube as well. Makes the move to darktable much easier.

Thanks guys.
Episode 045 is up now… https://youtu.be/nV1eHSu_96A


An excellent series of videos, @Bruce_Williams, so I’ve also subscribed to your youtube channel!

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