exclude JPG images in lighttable

(Martin) #1

I’m new to DT and loving it already. (DT 2.4 on a Linux Xenial Mate) Is there a way to exclude JPGs from lightroom? I thought “ignore JPGS images when importing film rolls” does the trick but when I open a new folder all the JPGS appear in lightroom. Even worse there are some newly generated “XYZ_NEF_embedded.jpg” there.
thank you

(Mica) #2

It isn’t clear what you mean by this, can you be more specific?

(Martin) #3

Hi paperdigits, thanks for your reply.
sorry wasn’t clear I meant -import- a folder into lightroom I see all tiffs, nefs and jpgs. I would like to exclude all JPGs.


@capponz Welcome to the forum!

You mean Lighttable right? See: http://www.darktable.org/usermanual/en/lighttable_panels.html#import

(Martin) #5

Oh, I’m so sorry. Yes of course. thank you very much!

(Martin) #6

Same thing here, when I import a folder " On the lower part of the dialog, are some further import options. ", I’ve selected ignore jpg. -> But there are still jpgs shown. closed darktable reopend it, selected different folders the jpgs are still shown…


Was the folder imported already before? Try removing all files from lighttable, then import the folder again. Does it still bring in the JPEGs?

(Martin) #8

hi houz, thanks for your reply. after deleting the db in /.config/darktable and reloading all images its sorted now. no more jpgs.

Thanks guys !!!