eXIf Chunk for Metadata in PNG

I’m messing with a re-do of my internal image library in rawproc, gimage. Specifically, I’m making a C++ class, gImage, that contains three members: 1) cv::MAT for the image, 2) Exiv2::Image for metadata, and 3) cmsHProfile for the color profile. For those not familiar, those correspond to the OpenCV, Exiv2, and LittleCMS libraries.

In doing so, I’ve noticed that for PNG images, Exiv2 appears to be storing metadata in a zTXt chunk, which I believe to be the workaround established long ago because the original standard didn’t address such. There’s now a proposal/change (hard for me to tell which, from searching the internets) to establish a PNG eXIf chunk specifically for metadata: are there any plans/consideration to start using this new specification in Exiv2?

I’m using a locally compiled version of Exiv2, source code downloaded from the site about 3 days ago.

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