EXIF information randomly failing to appear in exported Jpegs

After recently installing RT v5.10, I am now finding that exported Jpegs sometimes do not contain the EXIF information – despite having the necessary boxes checked in the META tab. I didn’t encounter this problem with earlier versions. The Jpegs are from Sony ARW Raw files. I have not yet tried to replicate the problem with Raw files from other manufacturers.

The intermittent nature of this problem makes it difficult to pin down. I can’t identify any particular factor which causes this problem to occur. It appears to be completely random. :thinking:

Any suggestions for a fix? TIA.

Are you sure the meta tab settings are correct for what you are trying to achieve? I’ve found that some of my images, much to my surprise, had pp3 settings that prevented forwarding metadata. I’m not sure that happens when I’ve done something or if it’s random. I had a hunch it was files with old pp3’s but I never fully looked into it.

I believe so - but I’m no expert! :wink:

I’ve checked the boxes next to the EXIF items that I would like to be included in the Jpegs. Is anything else required?

Are you editing metadata in RT? If not “copy unchanged” in the top dropdown menu does the trick for me.

Thanks for your replies, and your help. :+1:

No, I’m not editing the metadata. All I’m trying to do is to get the EXIF information included in the exported Jpeg. This has always happened in earlier versions, but has stopped happening (sometimes) in v5.10. :confused:

BTW, the dropdown box is already set to “copy unchanged”.

Can the problem be reliably reproduced with a single image? If so, that can make finding the cause much easier. The associated pp3 and raw file (or the output of exiftool/exiv2 if you prefer not to share the image) would be helpful.

Thanks for the reply. :+1:

In answer to your question, no… and the inconsistency of this problem is what makes this so puzzling. I’ll try to upload a pp3 file and exif output file later. Thanks again.