Exiv2 v0.27.1 RC1 is ready

Exiv2 v0.27.1 RC1 is available for review/inspection/test: Exiv2 - Image metadata library and tools

A huge thank you to everybody who has contributed and mentioned by name in the release notes. Thanks to Nehal and Andreas for cooperating to move exiv2.org to a new host.

  1. Bug and security fixes.
  2. Deprecation warnings for Video, EPS and SSH support.
  3. Relocated https://exiv2.org
  4. Branch 0.27-maintenance for “dots” to avoid confusion with tag 0.27 (== 0.27.0 code).

There are open issues which can either be fixed, or deferred: v0.27.1 Milestone · GitHub

The schedule for Exiv2 v0.27.1 GM was today (2019-03-31) and was delayed by having to change the host for exiv2.org. I expect Exiv2.v0.27.1 to be released in mid-late April 2019.


More comments on my nufraw thread, TLDR version is that I had to include iostream to even get close to the problem with 0.27.0 (might be a gcc-8.3.0 issue. The rc did not solve that problem, but adding a ufraw patch from gentoo allowed me to build it, so my problem has gone away.

Calling it for an -rc seems weird, but on the bright side the mac dotfiles are gone (I see the issue is still open).

could you provide more details on what fails without the patch?

The new failure is:
nufraw_exiv2.cc:47:37: note: ‘std::cerr’ is defined in header ‘’; did you forget to ‘#include ’?

std::streambuf *savecerr = std::cerr.rdbuf();
nufraw_exiv2.cc:48:10: error: ‘cerr’ is not a member of ‘std’

The old failure is documented early on the nufraw thread.