Exiv2 v0.27.4 RC1 is available

Exiv2 v0.27.4 RC1 is available: https://pre-release.exiv2.org/

Thank you to Alex, Christoph, David, Freddie, Leo, Luis, Milos,
Peter K and Peter S for working with me on the release.

This release is dedicated to our cat Lizzie who was put to sleep on 2021-02-13.
As always, thanks to my wife and Exiv2 widow Alison.

Highlights of Exiv2 v0.27.4

  • Support for bmff files (HEIC, HEIF, AVIF, CR3)
  • Bash test scripts rewritten in python
  • DNG 1.6 and Exif 2.32 support
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated build and test environments
  • Revised documentation
  • Other improvements

Release Notes: Exiv2 RoadMap · Issue #1018 · Exiv2/exiv2 · GitHub

The schedule for Exiv2 v0.27.4 GM is 2021-05-22


thanks for this! I’ll anxiously wait now for darktable to implement the new exiv2 so that it can support cr3 files.