Experimental GIMP AppImage with python support - please help testing!

I am still working on the refinement of the GIMP 2.9.x AppImage package, trying not only to improve compatibility with all kinds of Linux distributions, but also to support all the GIMP features.

One thing that was missing in previous versions of the AppImage was support for python-based plug-ins. So recently I’ve been working to include the python interpreter and support files into the AppImage bundle, such that GIMP can use it for its plug-ins.

The first AppImage package with python support can be found here. It should allow to run any python plug-in that works with the standard (non-AppImage) GIMP 2.9.x versions. On the other hand, support for the RAW loading plug-ins is still likely broken and needs some further work. Note that you do not need python installed in your system, as it is included in the AppImage itself.

I’d really appreciate if as many users as possible could test this appimage and give me feedback, both positive and negative, on wether it runs properly and wether plug-ins work or not…


Always willing to have a try. This just the python support.

A few varied python plugins.

  1. A new-ish plugin, Ofnuts guillotine-into-layers, works as expected. http://i.imgur.com/MWeFfso.jpg

  2. One of the favourites, heal-selection (+ of course resynthesizer). Hate the default black theme that makes dialogs look like this. Apart from that, works ok. http://i.imgur.com/TMg8zua.jpg

  3. A bit older 2010, but complicated. B&P’s Word Art. The python color selector dialog is a bit strange, but works http://i.imgur.com/wwHTlU9.jpg

  4. From 2015 ob_align deforms an image acording to paths, works ok Same problem with dialogs and that theme, you have to click in them to see the options. http://i.imgur.com/b9xMJmG.jpg

  5. Going back 2008 photo-mosaic.py fails. Guessing it is all the new layer mode options in Gimp 2.9.5 http://i.imgur.com/bbxFq74.jpg

Apart from that, a very quick test and looking good.

edit: just a note. Opens pdf and svg files but not .eps

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I’m wondering – could you make your appimage recipe available somewhere? I’m trying to prepare an appimage of Krita with python support, and I’m finding it hard to figure out how to properly package Python in an appimage.



Sure! The whole build set-up and scripts is available on github: GitHub - aferrero2707/gimp-appimage

I am building python from sources, and then it is bundled into the AppImage.

Probably the scripts that are most relevant to you are

I am also planning to work on an AppImage for Rapid Photo Downloader, which is a Python application, so there might be more to discover in the next few weeks…

Hope this helps.