Export automation "scripting" possible?

Is there a way to do exporting automation that would export to certain directory according what camera photo was taken with and date when photo was taken?

I’m such a new to all this that I have been doing things by hand, old habit ;), but now I try to make things a bit more automated since there are tools to do so. Just got back to photographing after long hiatus and back then there wasn’t that much of things but PS and gimp …

I just started to use Rapid Photo Downloader and after taking backups from my directories I have done by hand I let RPD roll it’s magic and kinda started from the scratch with all my RAW files. Now all files goes neatly under couple different directories under the “originals” directory. I only need to choose which one depending of the camera (haven’t figured out yet how to automate this.) RAW files and jpg files to their own directories.

When importing those to Darktable all is fine and dandy, but would be nice if there is way to export them automatically to /some/path/to/processed/CAMERA depends which camera was used.

Better yet if under the CAMERA directory on export subdirectory $(EXIF_YEAR)_$(EXIT_MONTH)_$(EXIF_DAY) would be created and file exported into that directory.

Probably not doable, but one can ask, right?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

The export module is pretty flexible, and all the variables you inquired about are available. You can see the full list in the manual: https://www.darktable.org/usermanual/en/export_selected.html

In addition, the export module can have presets as well, so you can have several different sets of export parameters and switch between them.

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/some/path/to/processed/$(MODEL)/$(EXIF_YEAR)_$(EXIT_MONTH)_$(EXIF_DAY)/$(FILE_NAME) is probably what you are looking for

Hope this helps,


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Thanks to both of you @paperdigits and @wpferguson for swift reply!

I’ll have to take a look to those later on. Now one need to do some other things and stuff.

Life …


Thanks @wpferguson again! That was exactly the thing I needed. I might change that $(FILE_NAME) to $(TITLE) but let’s see.

I do like this more and more. Now I need to figure out how Rapid Photo Downloader automagically downloads to right camera directory :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help! It was much more simpler than I thought!

@wpferguson Bill any idea how to do the equivalent of (FOLDER_NAME) \ $(FILE_NAME) but modify it so that the images are exported to say the same path structure but on a different drive…I tried to use the manual syntax to do a search and replace type mod of the folder name variable but I can’t seem to get it right…actually what I want to do is have a mirror copy of my folder structure in two folders …one contains the raws and one contains the jpg exports.

I’m assuming windows from the \ as the path separator. It should be $(FILE_FOLDER/C/D) which should change C:\path\to\some\directory to D:\path\to\some\directory