Export IPTC captions in DigiKam

I’m trying to batch export IPTC captions to a text or spreadsheet file, preferably using DigiKam, but open to other software options. Any ideas?

a simple exiftool script could probably dump a CSV file for you.

I’m trying that, but struggling to get the right command.

Post a photo that has the IPTC tags and tell us what info you want in the CSV file

For example:
exiftool *.jpg -T -filename -Exif:Comment -aperture > out.txt

This creates the out.txt file, and lists the aperture, but I can’t get the caption as well. I’ve tried “Exif:Caption”, “Iptc:Comment” etc.but can’t get the right combo.

If you do exiftool file.jpg it’ll dump a list of all tags it can see. You can grep 'em or look through them

Thanks. I want the file name and caption. Seems like the caption has different names depending on the program, which contributes to the confusion. In Gimp it’s called “Description”, in Geeqie it’s “Comment” and in digiKam it’s called “Captions”.

You can use:

exiftool -csv -Comment DSC_0029\ robson\ lowres.jpg to see it in the terminal.


exiftool -csv > your-spreadsheet.csv -Comment DSC_0029\ robson\ lowres.jpg to write the CSV file to disk.

That did it! Thanks so much paperdigits!

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