Exporting and importing a custom module layout presets?

I have started to make heavy use of custom module layouts recently (what a great feature!) and I have been wondering, if it’s possible to somehow export one of these layouts as custom preset? This would make it possible to, say, synchronize the module layout between my different somputers… or give a custom layout to my students, when I teach them an alternative approach to RAW development.

Failing that… Is a customized module layout stored as a file somewhere? I didn’t notice anything being stored in my local config folder (~/.config/darktable).

Any help would be much appreciated.

Yes, as the modulegroups are handled the same as other (processing) presets, they can be exported.

I’ve just tried this myself:

  1. Go to: Preferences > Presets > modulegroups ; there you’ll find your custom modulegroup presets. Double-click on the one you want to export and and use the [export…] button.
    Alternatively, you can also export the preset from the manage module groups window, by selecting your modulesgroup and click on the gear icon, which brings up the same preset dialoge, you get from the preferences.
  2. On the other computer go to Preferences > Presets and use the [import…] button.
  3. You now can also export all presets from your one darktable instance using the [export…] button that’s right in the Preferences > Presets tab (next to the import).

The last point (exporting all presets) is new to darktable 3.6, I’m not sure about exporting the modulegroups.

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