Exporting Multi-Page PDFs on Mac Version

I’m trying to use GIMP for something very simple. I have some PDFs that do not have “recognized text”, so highlighting in Acrobat or PDF Expert does not work. I can however use GIMP with the Paintbrush tool in Darken only mode with the Pixel brush set to an appropriate size to highlight the text. If I have a one page PDF it works great.

If I have a multi-page PDF I can import it and Open pages as Images. I can navigate to my pages and highlight them, but then when I try to export as a PDF I can only export one page.

Reading the forum, it suggests I need to select “Layers as pages”, however this option and the “Reverse the pages order” are not selectable for me on “Export Image as PDF”.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it simply not supported yet on macOS, or is this a defect.

GIMP 2.10.30 for macOS

It works with GIMP 2.10.30 on Windows, perhaps @lukaso can help with the macOS version.

I just installed GIMP 2.10.30 on Windows running under VMware on my Macbook and got the same results. So I started thinking I’m making some basic “rookie” mistake here. I think I now know where I’m messing up.

When I import the PDF as “Images”, then the option to select “Layers as pages” and “Reverse the pages order” are not selectable. If I import the PDF as “Layers”, then it is.

Originally I couldn’t figure out how to edit the PDF if I imported as layers, however I now see that if I just make the one layer visible that I wish to edit, then I can edit it. Then I just need to make the layers visible again and I can export “Layers as pages” and everything works.