Exposure Compensation in EXIF - can I see it in dt?

Can darktable display the exposure compensation from the EXIF? RawTherapee shows it as ExposureBiasValue, but seems darktable can’t do it.

IrfanView also does not display it. So I either need to view it in RT or on camera.

Reason: I sometimes overexpose when light isn’t good to get a bit less noise in the image, something like ETTR. But a few month later I might not actually remember how dark it was, knowing I took at at like +1.00 I can simply set it in exposure or basic adjustments as a starting point.

There’s a WIP by @aurelienpierre:

wait for it to land :slight_smile:

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Good to know I’m not the only one interested. Will workaround till then and watching out for 3.0.2

@st.raw In the meantime you can use exiftool

That’s a framework rather than a d/l & use tool. I probably check with RT and try dt’s “metadata editor” to make a note in ‘description’. If that is actually written to the EXIF I could do an automatic routine, I have something setup on a Raspberry.

FWIW, if you’re on Linux, Geeqie displays the information. Much quicker than opening the image in a full-fledged editor that is not the one you plan to use.

Well, I am on Windows 10. I just found out that when you right click an image and do Properties > Details you find Exposure bias

That will do for now. Hope dt will have it soon.

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