External editor does not open

I use the LUA script to export a .tiff file to the collection and then click ‘edit’ in lighttable to edit the file further in Affinity Photo. Sometimes this woks well, but most of the time it does not work and I get the message ‘error launching Affinity Photo’. I then have to go to the collection to open the file in APh. I am curious why is there not the possibility to export a tiff directly into an external editor from the Darktable. Do I only have the 'error launching Affinity Photo (or other editor) ’ error, or is it a known bug? I can’t see what I do wrong, because there’s no difference in my actions between it working well and not working.

Are you talking about RawTherapee or Darktable?

Well this is the raw therapy section of the forums.

Now more importantly, What os are you using janvangastel?

Sorry, This topic was meant for Darktable.

You can change the category by editing your post, instead of making a new one. Just for the future.

Thank you.