Extra console screen showing up RT5.5 Win

Anyone know why an extra console screen is popping up? I have cleaned up all profiles and everything from my system, removed the old 5.4 RT folder from AppData/Local, and tried a clean install/reboot.

I keep getting the console screen and it says, “Hit any key to close Rawtherapee”. A new console window comes up with every open instance of RT.

I don’t have any Film profiles loaded. Everything is set to default in Preferences.

Which version of RT did you download? Sounds like possibly the debug version.

Stable version.

What is the file name of the installer?

I don’t know. I run it directly from the download dialog.

I get it from this link on the Downloads page: https://rawtherapee.com/releases_head/windows/RawTherapee_5.5_WinVista_64.zip

I also get the console screen opening on RT5.5. I have 5.4 and 5.5 installed. No console screen opens with 5.4. The console screen only opens when I open a file from FastStone Image Viewer but not from the OS File Explorer. If I open 5.5 to browse I get no console screen.
Windows 7. RawTherapee_5.5_WinVista_64.exe. Version: 5.5
Branch: 5.5
Commit: d9ac23555
Commit date: 2018-12-17
Compiler: gcc 8.2.1
Processor: generic x86
System: Windows
Bit depth: 64 bits
Gtkmm: V3.22.3
Lensfun: V0.3.2.0.

Yes, that’s another thing: I only get the console screen when using the Windows File Explorer, not when I open RT directly.

I’d assume whatever little shim program or shortcut you’re using to invoke RT calls RT from the command line.


with 5.5 and last dev, it seems that if you made an association of a file type with RT in W10 and you click on the file, a RT console opens.

But no console opens if you directly start RT from a shell (DOS or PowerShell or MSYS)

If you launch RT from FastStone, add -w to the command line (if possible) to suppress the RT console


Adding -w in FastStone opens RT in browser mode instead of the individual file. The console window doesn’t distract me, just thought I would add to Halo’s experience.

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By the way, a clean install of 5.4 from 5.5 returns all behavior to normal: No console screen. But installing 5.5 over 5.4 does cause the console screen, as well as a clean install with 5.4 and 5.5 not present.

When I installed RT5.5 (64bit in Windows7) after removing 5.4 I found the pop-up console always appeared as soon as I invoked GIMP as external editor. The program itself took ages to start up and load a file from an external drive.
So I then installed the RT5.5 Appimage on my 2nd drive in Linux Mint 19.1
This was a totally different ballgame. impressive speed, instant GIMP access and no console pop-up.
It had only one trivial weakness from my viewpoint. There was no dcp for my Fuji X- T2 files.
So I removed the appimage and just compiled it instead. I now had access to the camera profiles and found dcps for the Fuji X-Pro2 and X-T20. I copied and renamed one of these as Fuji X-T2. The three camera sensors are identical.
Hoping this finds it’s way into the RT5.6 Appimage. I am slowly moving away from MS Windows to Linux entirely.


Still getting the issue with RT5.6. Can’t seem to defeat the console window when opening a file directly by double click.

I will have a look tomorrow

I can replicate the behavior with the console popup in Windows 10 with the latest dev build.

I can not reproduce it using latest nightly build on Windows 7

This is what it looks like. Whenever you double click a file, an extra console window always pops out. It’s been going on for a long while. I usually don’t see it since I open up RawTherapee directly & navigate through there.

That’s a good hint actually. I always used open with Rawtherapee as I didn’t associate the raw file types with RT. I will try that now.

  • After file association, when double clicking on image, is it the same as opening it in a dos console doing rawtherapee <file>?

Should not be simpler that the default of above command (rawtherapee <file>)
be no console and have a new option to open a console?

  • opening RT from external program

I made some trials with XnWiewMP on W10. When using -R or -w , RT opens in no-file-browser mode and there is no console.
Edit: with Faststone, adding -w before (filename) in external programs/parameters permits to open Rawtherapee in no-file-browser mode without console.

Thank you for that, I had tried many permutations, confirm no console window now :smiley: