Extract dt Windows Installer


Anyone know how I can extract the darktable windows installer without having to install it?


I should try this:

  • change the installer suffix from .exe to . zip
  • use your favorite dezipper (e.g. 7zip) to extract share, lib, bin in a specific directory
  • the DT exe is located in bin

I did not thoroughly tested
warning: as the registry is not updated, some functions can be missing


7zip can’t open it.

I’ve also tried universal extractor, innoextractor and innounp…

It may help if I knew what kind of installer it is. :slight_smile:


I tested on an installer I generated myself on the basis of DT infos.
DT uses the NSIS installer and not inno setup.
The NSIS installer file is just a zip file with a sophisticated autounzipper(the installer program).
I cannot retest now on an official DT installer

edit: there is something different in the installer from last time I made a DT build. The above method no longer works. Sorry


Thanks anyway. If it is nsis then it may be protected in some way.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6



Cheers, It was reading that page that made me think the installer maybe protected in some way.

I also found this that says 7zip > 15.05 has disabled nsis extraction.

So I tried 15.05… no joy.


My version of 7zip is 7zip 19.00(X64) from 2019-02-21
NSIS version : 3.03
I can decompile with 7zip a DT installer made in 28/01/2019 available here: https://keybase.pub/gaaned92/DTW64NightlyBuilds/

So I suspect mainly the NSIS installer (or some new installer generation scripting in DT). I will try to build last dev 2.7 DT version


Well gaaned92 says it’s NSIS, 7zip says it’s NSIS, darktable-packaging.cmake says it’s NSIS…

So I downloaded NSIS to see if I could get some insight (no) and ironically I extracted the NSIS installer with 7zip. :confused:

So yeah, I’m also thinking the dt generated installer script may be the issue. Which I wouldn’t expect to change just to save me the trouble of having to install it. lol