extract embedded thumbnail CR3?

With dcraw -e file-name.CR2 I can extract a full size jpeg from a CR2 file. Is it possible to do the same with exiftool or exiv2 and a CR3 file or is the CR3 file format still too new?

a recent version of exiftool should work

ExifTool 10.87 or newer works. A future version of Exiv2 will support the CR3 format.

That’s why it didn’t work with my 10.80 in Ubuntu 18.04.
11.93 works with $ exiftool -b -JpgFromRaw -w jpg -ext CR3 .

To get Exif into the embedded jpg I tried exiftool -b -JpgFromRaw -w jpg -ext CR3 . -execute -tagsfromfile %d%f.CR3 -ext jpg .