Extract Objects with Segmentation does not work

G’MIC 3.2.6 / Ubuntu 20.04 / GIMP 2.10.34

The filter is in Arrays & Tiles > Extract Objects.

If I let it by default “Crop” it does work perfectly
If I select “Segmentation” G’MIC start to process and then, I got the error:

*** Error in ./fx_extract_objects/*foreach/*if/*repeat/ *** Command ‘name’: Number of arguments (3) cannot be higher than the number of images in the selection (1).

Do I miss something?, it’s a simple image 1 layer only, nothing below, nothing above.
Out of curiosity what should “segmentation” do?

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reporting @PixLab .
Bug has been fixed with commit Fix filter 'Arrays & Tiles / Extract Objects'. · GreycLab/gmic@d4f9f25 · GitHub
Filters have been updated for G’MIC 3.2.x+ (push Update Filters button to get the fix).

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Thank you @David_Tschumperle , now I see what “segmentation” does, very useful for rounded things, or remove the inside and a lot more :+1:

Have a great day.

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