Face detection and recognition

A new day, new pictures.
Time to start the face detection in the new folders. Select the Folders and get start.
And surprise, digikam scan 525 Folders. WTF?
Why do i select 2 Folders and then wait till digikam is scanning 20k Pictures?

Hello, since yesterday I’m trying to get face recognition in digiKam to work, without that much success so far.

On the other hand, I managed to select single folders and let digiKam do the face detection trick. So I guess your initial folder selection was not the right one.

I must say that the face detection interface isn’t very user friendly, meant as that it is not clear which folders are scanned.

I’m using digiKam v8.1.0 btw, as an appimage.

Only the JPG and the CR3 Folder/Album of one day is marked.
But faces over all Album were recogniced.
Digikam 8.0.0 is in use as an Appimage.

Not on my computer, so can’t check, but I believe that you have to choose somewhere if you want to scan everything or only the selection. That part of the UI is indeed thoroughly confusing at first.

If you restrict the keyword options, the process is much faster.

Found it:


Make sure Whole albums collection is not checked.

Also be careful with the “Recursive selection”: it will also search all subdirectories/subalbums
(See the “305 albums selected”)