Face tags missing after move from Picasa

Yes, digiKam should keep it synchronized from now on.

Please note that digiKam will not write the metadata into JPGs unless you told it to do so (in the settings).

I also use ‘lazy synchronization’ option which prevents digiKam from writing the metadata right away because it slows down the application on older machines.

Thanks. I don’t think I was very clear (my fault).

The situation is that I haven’t yet added most of my photos to Digikam. So, when I add the rest of the photos, what’s the best method of adding them to make sure the face tags get picked up during the adding process? Thanks again.

It should do it on import but if I were you I would double check on few random pictures and run the maintenance tool if required.

Thanks. When you say import could you describe the process? What I’ve done up to now (settings -> configure digikam -> collections -> add collection) doesn’t seem to have worked very well with regard to faces. Is there a better way?

I think add a collection is an import. That is how I see that.

Usually if I add a collection or add a new folder / new pictures to an existing collection digiKam scans them right away.