failed to start raw-Therapee

compiled version, as described in the wiki, failed to start with the message

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Gio::Error'

You’ll need to give us way more detail than this. What vereion, what OS? Etc etc

That’s right, that’s not enough information.
Latest Debian stable with Plasma as surface, RawTherapee compiled as described on Linux - RawPedia. RawTherapee started from an xTerm with “~/programs/rawtherapee/rawtherapee” only throws the error message “terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘Gio::Error’”.

I think @floessie uses Debian and may know whether compilation works or not.

Not a solution, but just to let you know this isn’t a Debian issue per se: I’m on Debian, albeit still on the previous version (Buster/10.12), and always build/compile RawTherapee myself: No problems here.

Okay, I installed Debian 11 with KDE as a virtual machine and had zero issues with compilation. So let’s try to troubleshoot:

  • Is your system fully up to date?
  • Try again by completely emptying the ./build folder and try compiling again
  • Try compiling the debug version and see if you can get a stacktrace for the crash (RawPedia has an explanation)
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I can also only add that I had no problems with compilation or running RT on Debian 11.3 AMD64 recently. But I use XFCE instead of KDE…

Ok, strange behavior. If I delete all that sounds like rawtherapee in my .config folder rawtherapee starts up. Starting rawtherapee from the Plasma konsole i get al lot of messages like

(rawtherapee:9969): IBUS-WARNING **: 17:01:03.757: Create input context failed: Zeitüberschreitung wurde erreicht.

killing every process with something like ibus in the name, rawtherapee works fine. But i don’t understand why rawtherapee is the only software that have a problem with the ibus-deamon.

it seems

Remove: fcitx5:amd64 (5.0.5-1)
Purge: fcitx5-modules:amd64 (5.0.5-1)

is the solution