faking darktable

Did you know this guys? Someone is trying, and probably being successful, to take advantage of darktable and making money out of it. I’ve allready reported this to Microsoft, I hope they remove him quickly from the store.

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This is not the only app alef soft has in the appstore.

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Unfortunately that is right.

He did the same with Scribus.

Someone should put an official version in there.

Shame they haven’t even spelled it right.


There were one some time but it was removed.

I actually looked at what that would take last week. There’s hoops to jump through and I’m not that agile anymore.

Kdenlive also, I don’t why but what he will gain from uploading these in Microsoft Store, just money, He should be ashamed of what he is doing. And we also don’t know if he just uploads the software directly or adds viruses and malwares in the software then uploads it.

Really? I never thought that.

(I believe there are some Windows versions that can’t install programs from external sources and just from the app store only. Might be the only chance then to get darktable installed. IMHO payment is fine, as long as it goes back to the development (or store cost cover), but I doubt it’s the case here and $4.99 for something free sounds not like a good deal.)

I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often

At they Are honest about the source.

You don’t really see this in Apple’s walled garden. I’m not sure if that’s due to their stricter curation or GPLv3 phobia. There’s been problems getting GPL’ed programs in the Apple App Store, most notably VLC about 10 years ago. I’m not an Apple dev anymore so IDK what the current state is but a cursory search seems to indicate that it’s still a problem. I guess MS just isn’t as strict?

I’ve also reported them, mentioning a trademark violation (they also used ‘Lightroom’ in the title) as well as selling something that’s not their product.


I have reported it to MS too.

It is a pity that you cannot comment the app if you have not bought it.

Of course, Apple only let you sell apps in they store that make money for them.

Just a note from 10-sec search: same person rips of: ibrecad, scribus, lightscreen, PyIDM and darktable…

I make it once with a test app I coded.

If you want, I can try to upload an app to the stor and make it the official store app (there should be an official acount).

Putting darktable to MS and Apple store would be good for darktable visibilitiy.

I suggest even charging a little amount (may be 1 or 2 €) as a way of developers reward.
Many of us would be happy collaborating that way and many people would prefer the easy of installing from the store.

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From my experience, It’s not easier to install from the MS store than from the genuine site.
I was wondering if there are a lot of W10 users installing apps from the MS store. I never used MS store for any app and hope that MS will not follow the bad track of Apple.

Just a note, there are some Windows versions that do not allow install software from external sources. This is the only way then to get darktable running. Some people may feel safer to install from the MS store. For normal people people Microsoft is probably better known than Github.

So, IMHO, let him sell it. And if you don’t agree, sign up as MS store seller and list it for free.

Ideally, Pixls should sign up and list, dt, rt, Art, Gimp, Siril and and and…


But be aware that there might be some legal obligations when selling something.

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