Fast export options

I don’t understand what’s the use of “Fast export options” in preferences, considering that there is no more Fast export in ART… Did I miss something?

yes. fast export is alive and well :slight_smile:
it’s actually better supported in art than in RT

Where?.. there isn’t in the place where was in RT… (in the browser, near tabs Filter and Develop)

Or maybe I didn’t understand? Is a different thing? :flushed:

Screenshot from 2020-02-27 11.33.28 Screenshot from 2020-02-27 11.33.16

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  • I think that the fast export tab in preferences has to be set.

  • When using it in batch mode , I noticed that there is no indication that an export is in fast mode. but perhaps I am wrong

yes, there is no indication. You can also mix fast/no fast, but in Queue you cannot see which are fast and which are not.

I’ll see if I can add an icon