favorite GIMP plugins


I’m new to GIMP and I wanted to ask your favorite GIMP plugins so I can discover them!
If everybody replies with plugins NOT written in any other reply, this can become a cool summary of the favorite/best GIMP plugins

Thanks for reading

One that I found really nice at the time was Mathmap:


I’m not sure if it’s still maintained, but it was really fun to use it to experiment crazy things with images!

Plugins not reported here ? That rules out the popular gimp_gmic_qt , resynthesizer , BIMP

It really depends on your interests, A browse through https://www.gimpscripts.net/ and try-out anything that appeals.

Edit: I see from another forum that you are using Gimp 2.99 Is that the case for this post ? Not much in the way of 3rd party scripts made for 2.99

I didn’t know ALL scripts need to be reworked to run in gimp 2.99 …
Why exactly is that? Isn’t 2.99 just added features to the previous version?