[Feature request] Allow accessing images from a list


In my photographic workflow one important step is indexing the images. ART has no digital photo management features.

An easy way to better integrate ART into every workflow would to be able to “call” images into ART by means of a file text with images paths like this


This kind of file, generated by photo management softwares, after a selection of image based on different criteria, could be easily read with an “Import files” feature in ART. Images not found would have a “missing image” display.

Thanks for listening.

this is now supported by the new “session mode”, which is already on master and will be part of 1.18. Some info here:


Thanks a lot. This looks promising !!

Excellent addition Alberto, many thanks! I used to use the processing queue for this. That worked fine as the queue is saved between sessions – and as long as I didn’t need that queue to process other photos. :wink:

One little thing: when saving a session the extension seems to be set to “ars” but when I give it a name like “session_test”, nothing appears when I want to re-open that session. Only when I choose to display “all files” instead of .ars.

To be a bit more clear about how to create the plugin for Geeqie (as it took me some time to find out…):

Create a new file called starter.ART.desktop and paste the following lines into it:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=ART session/Add
Exec=ART -Sa %F

Save this file in /home/user/.local/share/applications and start Geeqie. Right-click on a thumbnail or the actual image and choose Plugins - Art session/Add to add that image to the session.

In Geeqie I made a shortcut for that: A. Very handy!

Any idea why this .desktop entry doesn’t work when I change the application name to gthumb or gThumb? Is that because that program doesn’t support this kind of plugin?

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