[Feature request] – allow the job code to be optional

At present, if a Job code is included in the folder or rename preset, RPD requires that a Job code string must be entered, every time. If none is entered, it refuses to upload anything, it just silently exits the dialogue.

As a workaround, I put in some character. But that leads to some ugly results. For example, if I put in a dash, my directory gets an “_-” eg


and my filenames get 3 dashes eg


FYI, my presets are:

<Image date (YYYY)>-Originals/<Image date (YYYY)>-<Image date (MM)>_<Job code>

SA1-<Image date (YYYYMMDD)>-<Image date (HHMM)>-<Job code>-<Image number (All digits)>_<Session number (Three digits)>

It also means I’m not able to have a sub-folder of just the Job code.

It would be nice to have a ‘None/Null’ Job code. If no Job code is given, the preceding character could be suppressed. That might require a “None” job code and a “None (suppress preceding character)” predefined job codes. You’ll probably have a better way, but that’s the gist of the idea.

Why would anyone want this? I’d like to keep my folder and naming consistent for years to come. I expect at some point I will likely do multiple events on the same day… (that’s almost inevitable,) but I don’t want to create a folder with an event name (or an event subfolder), for the vast majority of days when I won’t have events.

You can create a subfolder generation and file renaming scheme that contains a Job Code, and one that does not, and apply the scheme as necessary to the files you wish to download.

You can even take your existing subfolder generation and file renaming presets, modify them to remove the Job Code and extra hyphens, and save them with a new name as new presets.

You then simply select the correct saved presets before you download.

It’s much, much simpler than having a Null Job Code, which will confuse almost every user apart from yourself.

You don’t need to include a job code in either a folder name (personally, I do) or a file name (personally, I don’t – I can infer that from the job code in the containing folder name). If you don’t have a job code in the folder name and you want to find your photos for a particular job/event, you will need some other reference to tell you when this job/event occurred in order to find the photos. With a job code…it’s easy…

find Pictures/ -name "*buddy*"

Here endeth my sales pitch for job codes. :wink:

That’s great. It hadn’t occurred to me to use more than preset.
And I think you’re right that it could easily be confusing.

I tried using more than one preset and unfortunately fount it to be cumbersome. When switching between job code and no job code presets I have to remember to do it in four places (in the rename tab, for photos and videos, and on the two gear icons). After a long day shooting I ended up forgetting at least one (or all) of them.

Could I revise my request to - just have RPD allow entry of an empty job code?

Rather than dealing with something so complex and confusing, I think it would be infinitely better for the program to provide Download Profiles in which download locations and file renaming presets (as well as certain preferences program prefs) can be applied all in one step. Once they’re set up, it would be a one step process to apply them.

This is one thing I’ve had in mind for several years, but have never had the time to implement.

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That does sound ideal. Time of course, being the constant limitation!

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