[Feature Request] Auto Button for Highlight and Shadows

Hi, i am using RT for years but only for geometric corrections and sharpening which is really good. For brightness / contrast and highlight / shadows i use capture pro from phase one, both functions have simple sliders and a magic auto function which brings very good results with two clicks and little corrections with the sliders. I never got such results (and so easy) with RT and i wish i could realize this with RT. I dont know what the secrets of capture pro are. I am sure that RT is capable to bring these results but its hard to archive.

I make the corrections in capture pro, export the files as TIFF 16bit, import them in RT and make the geometric corrections, i find the sharpening algorithms in RT are the best, without halos …

If i could archive the same results with exposure, highlights, shadows with little work… that would be awesome.

Thank you for your work

There is the Auto-Match Curve functionality in the Exposure module, which usually does a pretty good job of setting pleasant shadows and highlights. Have you tried that?

Hi, yes i tested this, this button seems to match the curve so the output is similar to the integrated preview picture … If i push AUTO for the exposure the AUTO-Button for the tone curve resets the exposure compensation, so i have to push AUTO for the exposure, change the exposure correction a little bit, after that i push AUTO for the curve.
This seems not to match the tone curve to the exposure corrected image, the reference seems to be the integrated preview picture.
As an example: take the DNGs from the Samsung s20 series, the pictures look all a little underexposed. If you push AUTO for the tone curve the picture is similar (not equal, a little bit brighter in the shadows) to the preview picture. The result is underexposed like the original. Now i have to correct the exposure (AUTO does not work because it resets the tone curve), i have to switch on “Highlights and shadows” and manual correct these parameters. And the results are still not as good as from capture pro with 3 clicks and 3 sliders (Exposure, Highlights, Shadows). Perhaps i am too stupid :wink: to use these sliders but i don’t found an easy way for the corrections. RT would be my favourite software if i find an easy workflow for me.

The results from the Sony A-Series cameras are similar. Pictures taken with a wide angle lens are often underexposed und correction is needed.